The Celtic Cross Symbol wooden talisman, Magical necklace with powerful symbol

The Celtic Cross Symbol wooden talisman, Magical necklace with powerful symbol

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Handmade wooden necklace with The Celtic Cross.
This is a very powerfull Viking/Celtic symbol!

The Celtic Cross is essentially a combination of two of the most basic shapes that appear in the symbology of the ages- the circle and the cross. Similar to the Sun Cross that has a history that stretches much further back into human history. Even if it is not directly related to the Irish cross, it might be a predecessor of the shape.

The size wooden medal is about 6-7cm long and 2-2,5cm wide!

Powerful ancient symbols burned into wooden medal, hanging on a black necklace rope, that you can adjust to your size. The oringinal lenght is 80-85cm, long enough for an adult man also.

Humans have amulets from the beginning of times, because we belive that the power object give us strenght, wisdom, protection, power, inspiration or heal us. It is not only a talisman, that help us but also a way to express ourself, to show others what is inside us, our inner purpuse of life, a secret mystery, that we belive in. 

The wood is a soft solid wood from the hungarian forest, willow or alder, depends on what we find. Driftwood is also a perfect primary commodity, that was travelling with the river. The long journey grind it very nicely, prepared the wood for perfectly, so we just meed to slice it carefully. 

 / We collect the wood supply in the Hungarian forests, with special care. Our philosophy is to protect the trees, and the wood's, they are our oxygen source, so we choose them with special care, only take what is necessary./


May you have a special wish, please get in contact with us. Depends on the difficulties of your favourite symbol, but maybe we can make it for you!