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Drum beater, drums stick, mallet

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Handmade drum beaters, drum sticks, mallets for sale.

On the pictures you can see some sample about our sticks.

They made from hazel wood, which is strong, nice and straight. But you can order any wood what you prefer, we can make it for you!

/ We collect the wood supply in the Hungarian forests, with special care. Our philosophy is to protect the trees, and the wood's, they are our oxygen source, so we choose them with special care, only take what is necessary./

The wooden stick covered with soft tanned leather in different colors. We use to put rabbit fur on the top, which is not only decorative, but make the beater softer, so you can get the deeper tones. But you can order the stick without fur as well.

/ We do not support to killing animals for the skin or furs. We use the leftovers from the leather craft factory and recycle it./

The size of the beaters are different, usually they use to fit with the size of your drum. If you have a special wish, you can ask.

There is a harder and a softer version, so it is up to you which one do you prefer.

So you have the possibility to order special custom made drumstick! You can decide about size, color, material.

We make it for you with special care and love!