16’ Rainbow Tuneable drum , Shaman drum, Hand drum, Medicine drum, Frame drum

16’ Rainbow Tuneable drum , Shaman drum, Hand drum, Medicine drum, Frame drum

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Rainbow drum

This drum is made in tuneable, professional shaman drum, frame drum,from deer hide, in rainbow color.

The Air tuning system is working very easily with a small size bicicle pump, so you can tune your drum in few minutes free from the weather conditions! The pump is included.

 This drum is full of with love, joy and sunshine. The colors just like our chakras, so it fill up us with energy and harmonize our body, mind and spirit.

The handle is made from it’s own hide, combined the colors green, red, blue,purple, yellow to make it more joyfull.

The shape of the handle is a classical ,suncross’ shape, very stable and makes the holding absolutely compfortable.

The nicely detailed embroidered ribbon on the side is decorated with little coins. The couns has no any sound,so it does not effect the sound,only makes the outlook better❤️


The drums inspired by pure beauty of nature, Made with love

Diameter: 16inch- 40cm

Depth: 3in - 8cm

Hide: deer hide

Birthday: 2018, November fullmoon

(Drumstick is included)


The drum has a special air tuning system, so you can easily tune it with a little pump.(the pump you see in the pictures, it is including the price).


here is a video about how the air tuning system is working:


The shipping price calculated at the checkout, the price depend on the weight of the package and your residence address.( But usually it is about 50usd to Europe, 60usd to anywhere else)

Ps; We can also offer you a custom made drum, according to your dreams and visions. You can decide about all details like size, skin and style.
Ask your custom price on email. If you tell us what is the drum do you wish for, we can make it for you and find the best price!
If you have any question, or you need more information, please write us!


Love and Light



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