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20’ Tunable drum, Professional Shaman drum, Frame drum, Hand drum, Medicine drum

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Thank you for interested about our artworks!

This is a high quality, tunable, natural goat hide drum, painted with henna. This is a frame drum, a professional shaman drum.

The ribbon on the side is choose to be fit with the style of the drum. It is a nicely detailed embroidered ribbon in ethnic style.

The handle is a traditional ‘sun-cross’ , wowed with tit’s own hide. It gives hight holding to the drum. It symbolize the unite of the negative and positive pole. The spirit descends to the material level and fertilize it with higher vibration. This is a very practical handle, because it it stable and very comfortable to hold.

Today is spring equinox and the beginning of the astronomical spring.
The day as long as the night, the light and the darkness are equal, the forces are in balance. Sacred time. 🙏🏼
To celebrate this beautiful day, we present our new innovation, the tunable drum, painted with henna. This wonderful frame drum, professional shaman drum inspired by the 1000 colors of India.

Instruments tuned to love!
The drums inspired by pure beauty of nature, Made with love

Diameter: 20inch- 50cm
Depth: 3in - 8cm
Hide: Goat
Birthday: 2018 Marc, 21

(Drumstick is included)

If you have more questions about the drum please just send us an email, or write on messenger.

The shipping price calculated at the checkout, the price depend on the weight of the package and your residence address.  ( It is about 50usd to Europe, 60usd to worldwide) Your drum will be shipped by EMS primary post service, that is very safe and fast.
Ps; We can also offer you a custom made drum, according to your dreams and visions. Please feel free to ask questions, just send me an introduction of yourself, and also write me the details about your visions!


Love and Light



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