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20’ Professional Shaman drum, Frame drum, Hand drum, Medicine drum

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Thank you for interested about our artworks!

This is a high quality, colored, but not painted frame drum, professional shaman drum.

It is made from deer skin. We gave a gorgeous ocean blue color for the skin, that have natural waves, so it looks like the dancing sea.

Blue color is the color of the ocean or the sky, symbolize peace, calmness and inner harmony. It is a feminine principle of the energy, so we call it a color of compassion. With the help of empathy and compassion we will be able to connect with each other, so finally we can reach the state of God/Goddess and see throw His/Her eyes we can see the holy truth, that everything is one, and we are all connected!


The story of this beautiful 50cm Ocean Blue Water Drum
It is made from goat hide, that has a very nice natural waves on the surface. These natural waves remind me to the dance of the water. We felt, it is nothing more (no any art, symbol or paint) can make it even more perfect.
Water energy is a very important feminine part of the creation. This soft, light, flexible element is the womb of life on Earth. The 70% of our body is from water, just like the body of our planet. So actually without water we could only survive until 3-4 days. Frightening how important water is in human life! 
Drinkable water is one of the most expensive raw material on earth, and we should respect more this element, be conscious and use as much as it necessary!


The ribbon on the side is choose to be fit with the style of the drum. It is a nicely detailed embroidered ribbon.

The handle is a traditional ‘sun-cross’ , wowed with tit’s own hide. It gives tight holding to the drum.

The drums inspired by pure beauty of nature, Made with love

Diameter: 20inch- 50cm
Depth: 3in - 8cm
Hide: Red Deer
Birthday: 2018 February

(Drumstick is included)

If you have more questions about the drum please just send us an email, or write on messenger.

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Ps; We can also offer you a custom made drum, according to your dreams and visions. Please feel free to ask questions, just send me an introduction of yourself, and also write me the details about your visions!


Love and Light



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