Supply; frames,skins, fur

Welcome at Vpdrums supply area!

We offer you different kind of handcrafted skins and frames here.


Raw hide:

Very good quality handcrafted raw hides are for sale.

From 60cm to 100cm size you can find skins.

There are different type of animals, goat or deer.

you can get them in different natural colors; ivory color, beige, light brown, darker brown, grey, spotted..etc.



Good quality handmade drum frames are available.

They are made from 3 layers of birch wood, glued together.

Round shape, untreated raw wooden frames.

Sizes: 14’ 16’ 18’ 20’ 22’ 24’

But you can order custom size, just get in contact with us!


Drum beater:

Two type of handmade drum beaters, drum sticks.

1/ The wooden stick covered with soft material, covered crochet with yarn in different colors.

2/ The wooden stick covered with soft tanned leather in different colors. We use to put rabbit fur on the top, which is not only decorative, but make the beater softer, so you can get the deeper tones. 

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