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20’ Professional Shaman drum, Frame drum, Hand drum, Medicine drum

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Dear Friend,


Thank you for interested about our artworks!

This is a high quality, colored, painted frame drum, professional shaman drum.

The ribbon on the side is choose to be fit with the style of the drum. It is a nicely detailed embroidered ribbon.

The handle is a traditional ‘sun-cross’ , wowed with tit’s own hide. It gives hight holding to the drum.

“Light in the darkness”

Last week of February bring us the real winter weather! The temperature is not increased over -6 at daytime, at night were more than -12! Today we had wonderful sunshine, with a lot of snow and freezing cold northern wind.
After few hour snow scooping and sledging was perfectly enough outdoor, so we just put more wood on the fireplace, after that the creation started..
50cm black deer drum with colorful mandala drum finally became ready! Gorgeous colorful mandala on the black drum symbolize the light in the darkness..bright, like a star in the night sky. These are the last days of the winter; under the snow small fresh shoots and early flowers are already growing..they know spring is almost here..
This drum symbolize hope, the eternal light inside us. There are flowers in winter, there is light even on the darkest days!
If we look inside, and listen, there is a shining bright light of Life smiling at us, and inspiring to grow.

Instruments tuned to love!
The drums inspired by pure beauty of nature, Made with love

Diameter: 20inch- 50cm
Depth: 3in - 8cm
Hide: Red Deer
Birthday: 2018 February

(Drumstick is included)

If you have more questions about the drum please just send us an email, or write on messenger.

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Ps; We can also offer you a custom made drum, according to your dreams and visions. Please feel free to ask questions, just send me an introduction of yourself, and also write me the details about your visions!


Love and Light



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